The Official Unofficial Scientific BreakDown of Rebecca Black’s Success

by DreamWallpapers on June 12, 2011

Rebecca Black
became a house hold name within a week. She said that she knew it was going to be huge when she woke up in the morning and saw that her video had gone from 4,000 hits, to more than 200,000 hits in just one night.

That sounds like a better morning than Christmas! But just how and why exactly did Rebecca’s video become so viral? The most interesting thing about her video, is that it has over 150 million views yet it has an overwhelming amount of “dislikes” compared to “likes.” This is very similar to many Justin Bieber videos, of whom Rebecca publically announced on Good Morning America that she would love to do a duet with (they better get together and make this happen!). Before we get into a philosophical conversation about why our whole country got obsessed with this video within one week. Let’s take a look behind the scenes on the making of this video.

Who Are the People Responsible for This?

The Ark Music Factory is a music producing platform that offers young kids to give them a shot at the big time, claiming that they can give your son or daughter all the tools they need to become the next pop star. Basically it is a poor man’s version of the Mickey Mouse Club, from which stars like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera arose.

The writers of the song are Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey and they claimed that auto tune was barely used for the song and that she was in the key the whole time (she proved she can sing by doing a few lines of the Star Spangled Banner on Good Morning America).

How Much Money Has Rebecca Black Made Off of This?

Forbes claimed she was a millionaire based off some bad iTunes research. She is actually probably a “thousand-naire” as apple pays $.70 per download and she got around 37,000 downloads in the first week. This doesn’t include commissions from a ring tone that is priced at $1.29, but none of this all really matters – she comes from a family of money, and they plan on giving all the money to help Japan battle the after effects of the tsunami.

So Why Are People Obsessed with This Song?

There have been many theories on this. Most of the time, it comes with people saying that it because of a problem with society. It’s “our fault as Americans” that this video went viral (In fact the singer had to go through a lot of cyber bullying from people with views like these from which she said she would cry about until she finally got over it and started looking at all the positives).

But that really isn’t why we like this video even though we try to show everyone else that we dislike it. This video reminds us of our younger days, when we were able to have a good time, when our biggest choice of the day literally was “to sit in the back seat or to sit in the front seat?” It is an innocent video, very corny even, and that’s why we are psychologically drawn to it (not only that it is admit fully pretty catchy).

It got so popular that the popular TV Show, Glee, used it as one of their in-show songs – and it is pretty good (ironically the Glee version of the song has more “likes” than “dislikes” on

People have to realize one thing: People don’t search music for the same reasons anymore. Music has changed. The reason why we “listen” to music has changed. We have gone from listening to music on the radio, to the Boom box, to our Haier TV, to the Internet. People listen to music for social reasons just as much as enjoyable reasons. This one had the perfect combination (as music is probably more social than actually enjoyable in this Internet age (think Justin Bieber) to go completely, crazily, and enjoyably viral. Congratulations to you, Rebecca Black.

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