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by DreamWallpapers on June 12, 2011

inception-movie-dicaprio-dreamwallpapersInception was the hit sc-fi of last year. It was probably the first “original” sci-fi we’ve seen since the Matrix. Inception is a deep and rich film with a complex and twisting plot that will have you gripping the edge of your seats and eager for more. Bring on Inception 2.

Plot synopsis

Inception is set in a world where the dominant technologies of the day are used to steal into and steal from people’s dreams. This takes corporate and criminal espionage to new heights and sets the backdrop for the plot.

The plot revolves around Dom Cobb, played superbly by Leonardo Di Caprio. Dom Cobb is a highly skilled dream thief but with a terrible past – bet you can’t see where this is going. Dom specialises in extractions – the process of getting highly guarded information out of people’s minds. This has made him the most sought after but also the most hunted international fugitive. Having been captured by government agents Cobb is given a shot at redemption to pull of the hardest heist of a mind there has ever been. However this time the operation is different – rather than stealing an idea they have to plant one – which is unheard of. So Cobb puts together his team, featuring Tom Hardy and Ellen page amongst others and they begin plotting a deep dream entry and plant.

WARNING PLOT SPOILERS – but not ruiners

In order to plant this idea Cobb’s team plot a multi-level break in to the target’s sedated mind. They have to co-ordinate three different levels of plan and make sure there is exact co-ordination between them. In order to wake from the dream state the body needs a jolt to jump back to consciousness and this must be co-ordinated through each of the dreams levels. However there is one big problem – Cobb’s ex-wife who haunts Cobb’s subconscious and is going to cause a whole host of problems. As the plan is implemented and the three levels of plan start to happen Cobb and his team get sucked into the deepest level of dream – pure subconscious. Here Cobb has to face his ex and escape by creating a jolt. We won’t say much more than this otherwise we’ll spoil the plot but it’s very deep and engaging so give it a go.


The fight scenes in Inception are the finest we’ve seen since the Matrix and if you like action you’ll love it. The fights that take place as the dream plant takes place are stunningly co-ordinated with action in one affecting the others. Watching a hotel room and hallway invert itself mid fight is one of the finest moments. Aside from the fighting the CGI is exceptional with a whole city folding in on itself at one point in a truly shuddering cinematic moment – which really makes you wish it had been in 3D.

Box office takings

The film cost $160,000,000 to make and grossed $820,186,685 worldwide making it one of the highest grossing films of 2010. Opening weekend saw only 67 million dollars gross but word quickly spread as the film went viral.


Inception was directed by Christopher Nolan who’s recent box office successes have been exceptional. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are his most well-known films and he managed to re-make Batman into one of the most popular film characters of the decade. Nolan has developed a reputation of providing in depth thrillers and films to get your brain ticking over like nobody’s business. Memento and the Prestige are amongst his other most well-known films and these too offered us a truly gripping story layered in depth and expertly executed.

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