Why Mariah Carey Will Make a Great American Idol Judge

by DreamWallpapers August 6, 2012 Celebrity
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

You probably already know by now that Mariah Carey is the next big-name American Idol judge. Whether you think it’s a good decision or not, there’s no denying that it’s a major grab for the show. With ratings down and people getting tired of the format, there needed to be a big change. It’s come [...]

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Five Returning Smart-Centric Series

by DreamWallpapers June 12, 2011 TV

Viewers of television for the scholarly set often bemoan the seemingly endless supply of soap operas, reality TV, and game shows clogging the airways and reducing the IQs of their hapless devotees. Luckily, the cerebral set isn’t going to be left out. Here are five sharp shows for the discerning intellectual that have been officially [...]

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Inception Movie Leonardo DiCaprio

by DreamWallpapers June 12, 2011 Movies

Inception was the hit sc-fi of last year. It was probably the first “original” sci-fi we’ve seen since the Matrix. Inception is a deep and rich film with a complex and twisting plot that will have you gripping the edge of your seats and eager for more. Bring on Inception 2. Plot synopsis Inception is [...]

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The Official Unofficial Scientific BreakDown of Rebecca Black’s Success

by DreamWallpapers June 12, 2011 Music

Rebecca Black became a house hold name within a week. She said that she knew it was going to be huge when she woke up in the morning and saw that her video had gone from 4,000 hits, to more than 200,000 hits in just one night. That sounds like a better morning than Christmas! [...]

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Emma Watson: Rising Star of the Future

by DreamWallpapers June 7, 2011 Celebrity

Emma Watson quite literally was catapulted to fame in 2001 having been cast as Hermione Granger in the global phenomena that has followed J.K. Rowling’s incredible Harry Potter series. Born in Paris, Emma Watson moved to England after her parents divorced. She first developed a taste for acting at the age of 6 and trained [...]

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Most Popular Celebrities in Hollywood

by DreamWallpapers June 4, 2011 Celebrity

Hollywood celebrities will always be in the spotlight of the press and media. Everybody wants to look like them, dress like them and parent’s even name their babies after them. It is impossible to name all of the celebrities in the spotlight right now, but we can certainly mention the most popular ones. Natalie Hershlag, [...]

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Top Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

by DreamWallpapers June 4, 2011 Movies

Box office films have produced quite a buzz from both movie critics and fans around the world. From romantic stories to actions to science fiction themes, we have all witnessed what Hollywood can offer and we can all expect to get more in the coming years. Among the popular movies that everyone has been talking [...]

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Paris When It Sizzles

by DreamWallpapers June 4, 2011 Paris
Thumbnail image for Paris When It Sizzles Paris Night View

Paris is one of the most popular European destinations and is steeped in rich history, stunning monuments and perfect beauty. The city of love is an idyllic city for many of us and if you haven’t been at least once you are really missing out. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of [...]

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